Technology Applied Services

Explorer Customer Portal

We aim to delight our customers by providing them One Easy access to relevant status updates anytime anywhere; across every channel of the delivery and on all types of Transactions.
  • Domestic Forwarding
  • International Forwarding
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management

Online Documents and POD's

With the availability of your own delivery documents online You can gain faster cycle time of your receivables with your clients. As well as have a well organized Web Based Filing of your Delivery Documents retrievable anytime anywhere.

Infotxt System

Is a system generated message informing you delivery schedules Upon aircraft/vessel departure every time all the time. Key persons of shippers and consignees as well as Explorer offices will now be able to maintain optimal coordination with one another.

Global Positioning System on Trucks

Especially useful for long distance and inter-island trucking, our GPS System monitors the movement And location of your cargoes . Clients who are time critical and concerned especially with their project deliveries will find this feature very useful in keeping their peace of mind.

Online Availability of Export Schedules

Get the latest updates of our Export Schedules to Asia Europe and U.S.A. for your shipping needs all in the same one easy access Explorer Customer Portal.