Project Cargo Transport and Specialized Rigging

Transport Equipment

There are numerous products that are best shipped as break-bulk. Cargoes such as construction materials, power plant equipment, steel and bagged producs, items in sacks, drums, crates, oversize and overweight items. Since break-bulk still plays a major role in the shipping and logistics industry, Explorer Freight Corporation also invested in acquiring a fleet of equipment capable to receive, load, transport, handle and unload the most common break-bulk shipments.



Specialized Rigging

Technology is a fast faced development and with such, tools and equipment are either getting smaller or bigger. Our company is ready for such kind of advancement and slowly adapting to such type of transportation requirement. We are currently investing more on the acquisition of special transport and rigging equipment and at present, we have one of the latest and sophisticated heavy transport module from Germany. Our specialized equipment and rigging tools are comprises of the following:

GOLDHOFER Hydraulic Modular Trailer (maximum capacity 360 tons)

GOLDHOFER Low Profile Deck (rated maximum capacity 170 tons)
ENERPAC Hydraulic Cylinders (50-75 tons capacity)
ENERPAC Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders (50 tons capacity)
ENERPAC Hydraulic Pump
Skidding Platform/System
Hardwood/Yakal Wood Planks
Stools/Elephant Feet
Heavy Duty Roller